Friday, December 4, 2009

Power Rankings

Hey guys, I know it has been a long time since the last post. I have gotten pretty busy that past few weeks. No worries though, I am back and ready to roll with the second edition of the Power Rankings. The Preds and Titans are moving up the chain as the Vols slip a little bit. In parentheses will be the teams previous ranking.
  1. (2) Nashville Predators (15-10-2): The Predators are easily one of the hottest teams in Tennessee. They were on a seven game win streak this month which propelled them into the playoff hunt. Nashville ranked dead last in offense earlier this month but were still able to go on a tear. Barry Trotz has his team prepared for the long haul. Trotz should be considered for the coach of the year thus far.
  2. (3) Tennessee Titans (5-6): The Titans were a very close second in this edition of the rankings. Winning five in a row under Vince Young and back in the playoff picture has teams in the AFC turning heads. The Titans face their toughest test this season against the Colts this Sunday. The Titans always find a way to play the Colts hard and close. Expect a drag out knock down battle this Sunday as the Titans make a playoff push.
  3. (1) Tennessee Volunteers (7-5): A late season loss against Ole Miss has the Vols at the 3 spot this week. Lane Kiffin has this Vols team bowl eligible after missing out on a bowl last season. Lane Kiffin has had a great season thus far and should have a better one next season. Expect the Vols to be a serious SEC contender next season.
  4. (4) Memphis Grizzlies (7-12): The Grizzlies have great talent but are having trouble showing it on the court. They are playing in a tough division and will probably not get out of the bottom of the division. Now that Iverson has left the team, they can focus on making the right strides to becoming a better team.
  5. (5) Vanderbilt Commodores (0-8): I am not even going to waste my time to talk about the Dores. Dead last in the SEC and unable to win a single game this season. The only thing I can say to Vanderbilt fans is that I'm sorry.

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