Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up

The weekend played host to three games in Tennessee. We had the Titans, Predators, and the Volunteers who all played at home. The Titans and Predators had no luck against their respected opponents, however; the Volunteers were able to put together an impressive victory over their heated rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs.

  1. Titans vs. Colts (L, 9-31): In years past, this game was one that would come down to the last possession of the game. This was not the case last night. The Titans looked like a team the was dejected and had no hope. The Colts were able to get an early lead and never looked back once they got it. The Titans' offense looked pathetic out there. The problem with receivers dropping passes proved evident once again last night. I can think of at least five times off the top of my head when the Titans' receivers dropped passes that him them in the hands. Most of their dropped balls were in crucial third down plays which ended up killing out drive. My roommate(Eric Bigness) put it best when he said it looks like the Titans have no "swagger." The season is only going to get harder for the Titans.
  2. Predators vs. Sabres (L, 0-1): The Predators season has just begun, and already we are starting to question the offensive power they have. Predators' goaltender Pekka Rinne stopped 41 of 42 shots faced in a losing effort on Saturday. That performance from a goalie will usually get you a win on most nights. Predators first-round draft pick from 2007, Colin Wilson, is hoping to be the answer. Colin Wilson single-handedly took Boston University to the NCAA national championship game earlier in the year. With Colin Wilson and a healthy Steve Sullivan, look for the Predators to pick up the scoring in the near future.
  3. Volunteers vs. Bulldogs (W, 48-19): This was a key win for Lane Kiffin and his Volunteers. The Vols were a mere 2-3 coming into the showdown with the Bulldogs. The defense played exceptional as always and the offense looked like they were able to get in rhythm. Jonathan Crompton had a career day with 300+ passing yards and four touchdown throws. I believe the defining moment for the Vols season came late in the third quarter after Crompton's 50-yard touchdown bomb. After the touchdown throw, the entire Volunteer team gathered in a circle and sang Rocky Top with the fans (this was truly a moment that would have given any UT fan goosebumps). This game may just have been the turning point the Vols have been looking for this season.

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